How to Design a Roll-Up Banner

How to Design a Roll-Up Banner

There are many different marketing methods out there, but the one that continues to remain the most popular is a roll-up banner. These types of banners are retractable which means that they are easy to install and store away, without getting damaged. They allow you to stand out from a crowd, and could be the first impression that other businesses or potential customers make of you (More information about roll-up banners here)

Roll-up banners make an impact because they are so visual. A well designed banner will represent you as professional and therefore will reflect you positively. The worst thing any business could do is invest in a poorly designed roll-up banner which will negatively impact your brand. This is why we have put together some top tips for creating an eye-catching graphic for your roll-up banner.


Your roll-up banner should reiterate the message that you want it to instantaneously. First of all the message needs to contain your USP, so what makes your brand, product or service unique compared to existing things already out there. Your texts should sell what you offer in a matter of seconds so that even if a passer-by takes a cursory glance towards your banner they understand what you are all about (an eye-catching graphic will keep their attention even longer). One way to effectively get your message across is to use the principle ‘less is more’. What we mean here is don’t use so many words if you can say twenty words in five. Why not summarise so that it is easy on the eye and more prominent. A potential customer isn’t going to stick around and read a paragraph of text if you haven’t secured their attention in the first seven seconds so there is simply no point to write extensive amounts.


When designing your banner you should take special care. We suggest that you promote a maximum of two products on your banner. If you add any more than this it could lead to your roll-up banner becoming too messy and vague. Use eye-catching images that underpin your message. Also you should apply bright colours that are consistent with your brand to attract customers to your banner.


How you are going to use your banner will decide what size or type of banner you will require. For example if you have a big space to fill a pop-up stand may be more attention grabbing than a standard sized roll-up banner. You could even opt for a more bespoke size which can be done by attaching several popup stands together.

Deciding to invest in a roll-up banner is the first step to using an effective marketing tool. The next important thing to get right is the design of the roll-up banner which is fundamental to its success. If you are not a designer and you need professional help, then this is something that you should sought after.

If you want a professional in house team to design your banner for you, contact us at rollupbanner as this is a service that we offer. Alternatively, we also supply roll-up banner artwork templates.
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